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Office of the Inspector General
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Central Location for a List of Debarred Contractors, letter to Governor W. Mitt Romney, December 2004

Misappropriation of Public Property at Medfield State Hospital, December 2003

Response to Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee Report on the Massachusetts Economic Development Incentive Programs, December 2002

Credit Card and Certain Other Spending Practices at the Reading Municipal Light Department, November 2001

A Review of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project Cost Recovery Program, December 2000


  • Statutorily Mandated Reviews of Central Artery/Tunnel Project Building Construction Contracts: 1994-1996, December 1996
  • A Report on Certain Activities and Practices of the Massachusetts Public Health Biologics Laboratories, December 1996
  • Value Engineering Change Proposals: A Review of a Central Artery/Tunnel Project Cost Control Program, December 1996
  • Proposed Disposition of the Massachusetts Highway Department's Wellesley Central Maintenance Facility: A Review Pursuant to Chapter 273 of the Acts of 1994, July 1996
  • Procuring Energy Management Services: A Case Study, March 1996


  • A Review of the Oak Bluffs Bathhouse Project, December 1995
  • Review of a Consultant Contract Procured and Administered by the MBTA, December 1995
  • Report on the Mass. Highway Department's Asset Management System for the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, November 1995
  • A Review of the Commonwealth's Higher Education Building Authorities, February 1995


  • Contracting for Parking Lot Management Services by the Metropolitan District Commission, December 1994
  • Value Engineering: A Review of a Central Artery/Tunnel Project Cost-Control Program, December 1994
  • Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff's Management of a Design Contract for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, November 1994
  • Report on the Massachusetts Highway Department's Internal Audit Function for the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, July 1994


  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority: Report on the Procurement of Financial Services, December 1993
  • The MWRA's Support Building Complex on Deer Island: Too Large, Lavish, and Expensive, December 1993
  • Contract Mismanagement: DCPO Wasted $326,000 on Windows at Tewksbury Hospital, April 1993
  • Hazards Ahead: The Operations Control Center Complex for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, March 1993


  • The DMR Investigations Division: A Critical Review, November 1992
  • Exclusive Towing Contracts on the Turnpike, October 1992
  • Repair Plates: Special-Interest Privileges at Public Expense, October 1992
  • Disposition of State Property: The Elm Bank Case, July 1992


  • Audit Services Procurement by the Massachusetts Department of Public Works, November 1991
  • The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority: Self-Preservation at the Expense of Taxpayer Interests, October 1991