Q. What’s included in Informed Massachusetts?

A. The following information is included on the Informed Massachusetts website:

  • Agencies within Executive Branch secretariats who are funded via the state budget
  • Legislature
  • Constitutional Officers (Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, Secretary of State)
  • Judiciary
  • Independent agencies, boards and commissions that go through the state’s accounting system
  • Local Governments – Cities and Towns   


Q. What isn’t included in Informed Massachusetts?

A.  The following entities are not included in Informed Massachusetts:

  • Agencies who do not receive direct appropriations within the state budget: Quasi-public agencies – MassDevelopment, MassHousing, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Regional Transit Authorities, education collaboratives, and regional planning commissions.
  • Portions of Massachusetts Department of Transportation that have not previously spent through the state’s accounting system (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Massport)
  • Spending from tuition and fees collected by the University of Massachusetts, state universities and community colleges.


Q.  What is the source of the spending and revenue data found for Informed Massachusetts?

A.  Spending and revenue details included in Informed Massachusetts reflects state fiscal year 2012 (SFY12) and comes from the Commonwealth’s annual Statutory Basis Financial Report (SBFR), with adjustments for non-state spending. The Statutory Basis Financial Report is prepared by the Office of the Comptroller, reviewed by Independent Certified Public Accountants and published in October of each year. This report presents the results of fiscal year activity in the Commonwealth's funds.