• Measuring Massachusetts


    MassResults is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Performance Management program and is spearheaded by the Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency (CPAT), located within the Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F).  State statutes and Executive Order 540 require each of the eight cabinet secretariats to develop strategic plans, develop and report on achievable, measurable outcomes, and create offices of performance management.  Since its development, the program has:

    • Trained over 1,000 managers in performance management best practices;
    • Developed a best practices toolkit to assist managers with the development of robust performance management programs;
    • Created a Performance Advisory Council to involve stakeholders from the business, academic, and labor communities, as well as the legislature and municipalities, in the development of a nation-leading program;
    • Published two-year strategic plans and two annual performance reports;
    • Held three performance management conferences; and
    • Worked to create an Enterprise Performance Management solution to ensure the development of easy to access and use strategic plans across state government;

    This website is designed to provide information on these achievements, as well as to share performance data from the secretariats and agencies.