The MassResults Initiative, which was launched by Governor Patrick as part of his FY14 Budget Recommendation, aims to make state government more effective , more accountable and more open – building a results-oriented culture in state government by:

  • Ensuring state government is strategic in its aims, setting out clear plans for how it will achieve its goals and regularly evaluating progress toward outcomes; 
  • Using data and evidence to inform decisions and assess performance;
  • Changing the way services are paid for and delivered, encouraging innovation and using incentives to improve program delivery;
  • Taking a broader, more comprehensive look at the full range of state government resources available to ensure all funds are maximized and allocated strategically; and
  • Painting a clearer, more complete picture of state spending and performance so that residents can more effectively engage with state government and hold it accountable for results.

The Office of Commonwealth Performance Accountability and Transparency (CPAT)

Building a more results-oriented government is the specific charge of the Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency (CPAT), which was created by the legislature in 2012 as part of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance.  Since that time CPAT has:

  • Directed the Administration’s comprehensive strategic planning and performance management efforts;
  • Brought a greater level of coordination to federal grant management than ever before;
  • Led efforts to enhance controls to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse; and
  • Improved economic and caseload forecasting capabilities to enable state government to better predict and address fiscal impacts.