House, No. 4830

Order relative to authorizing the committee on Public Health to make an investigation and study of certain House documents concerning public health in the Commonwealth.

04/04/06 H Reported from the committee on Public Health
04/04/06 H Accompanied by H1642, H2613, H2616, H2630, H2641, H2644, H2645, H2647, H2648, H2658, H2663, H2668, H2680, H2694, H2700, H2702, H2707, H2708, H2709, H2713, H2714, H2716, H2719, H2734, H2740, H2744, H2844, H2897, H3448, H3632, H3635, H3636, H3653, H3659, H3662, H3826, H3818, H3898, H3950, H3951
04/04/06 H Order reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on Joint Rules
04/04/06 H Discharged to the committee on House Rules -HJ 1355
05/01/06 H Discharged, in part, by H2663

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