House, No. 5234

Presented by: Representative Eugene L. O'Flaherty

Bill increasing the statute of limitations for sexual crimes against children.

07/26/06 H Substituted for H5131
07/26/06 H Ordered to a third reading
07/26/06 H Rules suspended
07/26/06 H Read third
07/26/06 H Amendment adopted
07/26/06 H Passed to be engrossed - 153 YEAS to 3 NAYS (See Yea and Nay in Supplement, No. 791)
07/26/06 H Motion to reconsider negatived -HJs 2069-2070
07/27/06 S Read
07/27/06 S Rules suspended
07/27/06 S Read second
07/27/06 S Amendment adopted
07/27/06 S Amendment adopted
07/27/06 S Amendment adopted
07/27/06 S Ordered to a third reading
07/27/06 S Read third and passed to be engrossed -SJs 2677-2679
08/10/06 H Rules suspended
08/10/06 H Bills in the Third Reading report accepted
08/10/06 H House NON-concurred -HJs 2167-2169
08/31/06 S Rules suspended
08/31/06 S Senate receded from amendment to section 6 and insisted on amendments to sections 7, 7A, 8 and 9A -SJs 2931-2933
09/08/06 H Rules suspended
09/08/06 H House receded from its non-concurrence with the Senate in its amendments to sections 7, 7A, 8 and 9A
09/08/06 H Further amendment adopted
09/08/06 H House concurred in the Senate amendments, as amended -HJs 2204-2205
09/11/06 S Rules suspended
09/11/06 S Senate concurred in the House further amendment -SJs 2943-2944
09/14/06 H Enacted -HJ 2215
09/14/06 S Enacted and laid before the Governor -SJ 2948
09/21/06 G Signed by the Lieutenant-Governor, Acting Governor, Chapter 303 of the Acts of 2006

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