Senate, No. 2503

Presented by: Senator Susan C. Fargo

Petition of Susan C. Fargo (by vote of the town) for legislation to authorize the town of Lincoln to issue a single license for the sale of wine and malt beverages.

04/27/06 S Referred to the committee on Election Laws -SJ 1669
05/01/06 H House concurred -HJs 1608-1609
06/20/06 S Ought NOT to pass (under Joint Rule 10)
06/20/06 S Rules suspended
06/20/06 S Recommitted to the committee on Election Laws -SJ 2168
06/22/06 S Discharged to the committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure -SJ 2177
06/26/06 H House concurred -HJ 1800
07/26/06 S Bill reported favorably by committee
07/26/06 S Rules suspended
07/26/06 S Read second, ordered to a third reading, read third (title changed) and passed to be engrossed -SJ 2635
07/26/06 H Referred to the committee on House Steering, Policy and Scheduling -HJ 2050
09/28/06 H Committee reported that the matter be placed in the Orders of the Day for the next sitting
09/28/06 H Rules suspended
09/28/06 H Read second and ordered to a third reading -HJ 2232
10/26/06 H Read third (title changed) and passed to be engrossed -HJ 2275
10/30/06 H Enacted -HJ 2278
11/02/06 S Enacted and laid before the Governor -SJ 3010
11/09/06 G Signed by the Governor, Chapter 349 of the Acts of 2006

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