House, No. 4144

Bill relative to security freezes and notification of data breaches.

07/12/07 H Reported from the committee of conference on H4018
07/12/07 H Referred to the committee on House Steering, Policy and Scheduling
07/12/07 H Committee reported that the matter be placed in the Orders of the Day for the next sitting
07/12/07 H Rules suspended
07/12/07 H Report accepted - 156 YEAS to 0 NAYS (See Yea and Nay in Supplement, No. 117) -HJs 532-533
07/12/07 S Rules suspended
07/12/07 S Committee of conference report accepted -SJ 575
07/12/07 H Enacted -HJ 536
07/17/07 S Enacted - 34 YEAS to 0 NAYS (see Senate Roll Call, No. 65)
07/17/07 S Laid before the Governor -SJs 590-591
07/25/07 G Governor returned to the House with an amendment
07/26/07 H For message, see H4181
07/26/07 H Referred to the committee on House Bills in the Third Reading
07/26/07 H Bills in the Third Reading report accepted
07/26/07 H Governor's amendment adopted -HJ 561
07/26/07 S Rules suspended
07/26/07 S Governor's amendment adopted -SJ 637
07/30/07 H Re-enacted -HJ 581
07/31/07 S Re-enacted and again laid before the Governor -SJ 661
08/02/07 G Signed by the Governor, Chapter 82 of the Acts of 2007

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