House, No. 4949

Bill authorizing and directing the Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain land in the town of Westport.

07/09/08 H Reported from the committee on House Ways and Means
07/09/08 H Recommended new draft for H4778
07/09/08 H Substituted for H4778
07/09/08 H Ordered to a third reading -HJ 1693
07/16/08 H Read third and passed to be engrossed -HJ 1728
07/17/08 S Read; and referred to the committee on Senate Ways and Means -SJ 2081
07/30/08 S Committee recommended ought to pass with an amendment
07/30/08 S Rules suspended
07/30/08 S Read second, amended (as recommended by the committee on Ways and Means), ordered to a third reading, read third and passed to be engrossed -SJ 2273
07/31/08 H Rules suspended
07/31/08 H House concurred in the Senate amendment -HJs 1924-1925
07/31/08 H Emergency preamble adopted
07/31/08 S Emergency preamble adopted -SJ 2415
07/31/08 H Enacted - 157 YEAS to 1 NAYS (See Yea and Nay in Supplement, No. 587) -HJs 1949-1950
07/31/08 S Enacted - 38 YEAS to 0 NAYS (see Senate Roll Call, No. 421)
07/31/08 S Laid before the Governor -SJ 2448
08/06/08 G Signed by the Governor, Chapter 274 of the Acts of 2008

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