House, No. 5080

Bill relative to authorizing tax credits for qualified donations of certain land to a public or private conservation agency.

09/11/08 H See H5054
09/11/08 H Referred to the committee on House Bills in the Third Reading -HJs 1995-1996
10/14/08 H Rules suspended
10/14/08 H Governors amendment adopted (in the form approved by the committee on BILLS IN THE THIRD READING) -HJ 2044
01/05/09 S Rules suspended
01/05/09 S Governor's amendment adopted
01/05/09 S Amendment adopted
01/06/09 H Rules suspended
01/06/09 H House concurred in the Senate amendment -HJ 2221
01/06/09 H Emergency preamble adopted
01/06/09 S Emergency preamble adopted
01/06/09 H Re-enacted -HJ 2226
01/06/09 S Re-enacted and again laid before the Governor
01/14/09 G Signed by the Governor, Chapter 509 of the Acts of 2008

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