Senate, No. 2526

Presented by: Senator Therese Murray

Petition of Therese Murray, Richard T. Moore, Mark C. Montigny, Karen E. Spilka and other members of the General Court for legislation to promote cost containment, transparency and efficiency in the delivery of quality health care.

03/03/08 S Senate Rule 20 and Joint Rule 12 suspended
03/03/08 S Referred to the committee on Health Care Financing -SJ 1274
03/03/08 H House concurred -HJs 1113-1114
Public Hearing date Mar 12 pm at 1:00 in Gardner Auditorium
04/14/08 S Accompanied by S72, S95, S411, S419, S656, S659, S660, S661, S662, S675, S677, S682, S683, S686, S691, S695, S696, S703, S706, S1214, S1238, S1242, S1246, S1250, S1254, S1256, S1257, S1265, S1278, S1279, S1282, S1318, S1328, S1330, S21H1076, H1152, H1153, H1166, H2052, H2096, H2119, H2164, H2183, H2197, H2236, H2279, H3936, H4520, H4564 and H4587
04/14/08 S Bill reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on Senate Ways and Means -SJ 1448
04/15/08 S Reported (in part) by S2650 -SJ 1454
01/06/09 S No further action taken

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