NOTICE: - While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the data herein, this is NOT the official version of Senate Journal. It is published to provide information in a timely manner, but has not been proofread against the events of the session for this day. All information obtained from this source should be checked against a proofed copy of the Senate Journal.


Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts



Joint Session of the Two Houses to Consider Specific Amendments to the Constitution.


Thursday, June 14, 2007.
            At eight minutes past one o’clock P.M., the two Houses met in


            and were called to order by the Honorable Therese Murray, President of the Senate.

            The President, members, guests and employees then recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

            The Proposal for an Initiative amendment to the Constitution to define marriage (see Senate, No. 2220 of 2007) [see House, No. 4617 of 2006] was read, the question being on again agreeing to the amendment.

            The Proposal was as follows:--


            When recognizing marriages entered into after the adoption of this amendment by the people, the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall define marriage only as the union of one man and one woman.
            The question on again agreeing to the amendment was taken by a call of the yeas and nays, as required by Article XLVIII of the Amendments to the Constitution, at nine minutes past one o'clock P.M., as follows, to wit (yeas 45 - nays 151) [Senate Yeas and Nays No. 46] [House Yeas and Nays No. 103]:


Brown, Scott P.

Moore, Richard T.

Creedon Jr., Robert S.

Panagiotakos, Steven C.  -- 5

Hedlund, Robert L.




Antonioni, Robert A.

McGee, Thomas M.

Augustus, Edward M.

Menard, Joan M.

Baddour, Steven A.

Montigny, Mark C.

Barrios, Jarrett T.

Morrissey, Michael W.

Berry, Frederick E.

Murray, Therese

Brewer, Stephen M.

O'Leary, Robert A.

Buoniconti, Stephen J.

Pacheco, Marc R.

Candaras, Gale D.

Resor, Pamela P.

Chandler, Harriette L.

Rosenberg, Stanley C.

Creem, Cynthia Stone

Spilka, Karen E.

Downing, Benjamin B.

Tarr, Bruce E.

Fargo, Susan C.

Timilty, James E.

Hart, Jr., John A.

Tisei, Richard R.

Havern, Robert A.

Tolman, Steven A.

Jehlen, Patricia D.

Tucker, Susan C.

Joyce, Brian A.

Walsh, Marian

Knapik, Michael R.

Wilkerson, Dianne -- 34


Ayers, Bruce J.

Hynes, Frank M.

Barrows, Fred

Kane, Michael F.

Binienda, John J.

Lantigua, William

Campbell, Linda Dean

Lepper, John A.

Casey, Paul C.

Miceli, James R.

Correia, Robert

Murphy, James M.

Creedon, Geraldine

Nangle, David M.

Curran, Sean

Perry, Jeffrey Davis

deMacedo, Viriato Manuel

Peterson Jr., George N.

Donato, Paul J.

Petrolati, Thomas M.

Evangelidis, Lewis G.

Poirier, Elizabeth A.

Fagan, James H.

Polito, Karyn E.

Flynn, David L.

Rogeness, Mary S.

Fresolo, John P.

Rush, Michael F.

Frost, Paul K.

Scaccia, Angelo M.

Garry, Colleen M.

Smola, Todd M.

Gifford, Susan W.

Spiliotis, Joyce A.

Greene Jr., William G.

Timilty, Walter F.

Hargraves, Robert S.

Tobin, A. Stephen

Humason Jr., Donald F.

Webster, Daniel K. -- 40




Alicea, Geraldo

Mariano, Ronald

Allen, Willie Mae

Marzilli Jr., James J.

Atkins, Cory

McCarthy, Allen J.

Balser, Ruth B.

McMurtry, Paul

Bosley, Daniel E.

Moran, Michael

Bradley, Garrett J.

Murphy, Charles A.

Brownsberger, William N.

Murphy, Kevin M.

Cabral, Antonio F. D.

Natale, Patrick

Callahan, Jennifer M.

Naughton Jr., Harold P.

Calter, Thomas

Nyman, Robert J.

Canavan, Christine E.

O'Day, James

Canessa, Stephen R.

O'Flaherty, Eugene L.

Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl A.

Patrick, Matthew C.

Conroy, Thomas F.

Peake, Sarah

Costello, Michael A.

Pedone, Vincent A.

D'Amico, Steven J.

Peisch, Alice H.

DeLeo, Robert A.

Petersen, Douglas W.

Dempsey, Brian S.

Petruccelli, Anthony W.

DiMasi, Salvatore F.

Pignatelli, William "Smitty"

DiNatale, Stephen

Provost, Denise

Donelan, Christopher J.

Puppolo, Angelo

Driscoll Jr., Joseph R.

Quinn, John F.

Eldridge, James B.

Reinstein, Kathi-Anne

Fallon, Christopher G.

Rice Jr., Robert

Falzone, Mark V.

Richardson, Pam

Fennell, Robert F.

Rodrigues, Michael J.

Fernandes, John V.

Rogers, John H.

Festa, Michael E.

Ross, Richard J.

Finegold, Barry R.

Rushing, Byron

Flanagan, Jennifer

Sanchez, Jeffrey

Forry, Linda Dorcena

Sandlin, Rosemary

Fox, Gloria L.

Sannicandro, Tom

Galvin, William C.

Scibak, John W.

Gobi, Anne M.

Sciortino Jr., Carl M.

Golden Jr., Thomas A.

Smith, Stephen

Grant, Mary E.

Smizik, Frank I.

Guyer, Denis

Speliotis, Theodore C.

Haddad, Patricia A.

Spellane, Robert P.

Hall, Geoffrey D.

Speranzo, Christopher N.

Harkins, Lida E.

Stanley, Harriett L.

Hill, Bradford

Stanley, Thomas M.

Honan, Kevin G.

Story, Ellen

Jones Jr., Bradley H.

Straus,William M.

Kafka, Louis L.

Sullivan, David B.

Kaprielian, Rachel

Swan, Benjamin

Kaufman, Jay R.

Toomey Jr., Timothy J.

Keenan, John D.

Torrisi, David M.

Kennedy, Thomas P.

Turkington, Eric

Khan, Kay

Turner, Cleon H.

Kocot, Peter V.

Vallee, James E.

Koczera, Robert M.

Wagner, Joseph F.

Koutoujian, Peter J.

Wallace, Brian P.

Kujawski, Paul

Walrath, Patricia A.

Kulik, Stephen

Walsh, Martin J.

LeDuc, Stephen P.

Walsh, Steven M.

Linsky, David P.

Walz, Martha M.

L'Italien, Barbara A.

Welch, James T.

Loscocco, Paul

Wolf, Alice K. -- 117

Malia, Elizabeth A.







Atsalis, Demetrius J.

Verga, Anthony J. -- 3.

St. Fleur, Marie P.



            The yeas and nays having been completed at sixteen minutes past one o'clock P.M., the amendment was not again agreed to, less than one-fourth of the members elected having voted in the affirmative.

            A statement of Mr. Rogers of Norwood was spread upon the  records of the Joint Session, as follows:

            MADAM PRESIDENT: I would like to call to the attention of the House the fact that one of our colleagues, Representative Verga of Gloucester, has informed me that he very regretfully cannot be present in the Chamber for today's Constitution Convention due to medical concerns. Any roll calls that he may miss today will be due entirely to the reason stated.

            Subsequent to the Joint Session Mr. Atsalis of Barnstable submitted a statement, as follows:

            MADAM PRESIDENT: I would like to have it spread upon the records of the Constitutional Convention that I was not present in the Chamber for today's Joint Session because I was unavoidably delayed when I was stuck in traffic on Route 3 between exits 11 and 15.

            A statement of Mr. Rushing of Boston concerning Ms. St. Fleur of Boston was spread upon the records of the Joint Session, as follows:

            MADAM PRESIDENT:  I would like to call to the attention of the Joint Session the fact that one of our colleagues, Representative St. Fleur of Boston, will not be present during today's Constitutional Convention due to the death of her father. Any roll calls that she may miss today will be due entirely to the reason stated.

            Without action on the matters duly and constitutionally assigned for consideration, on motion of Ms. Menard, at seventeen minutes past one o’clock P.M., the Joint Session adjourned; and the Senate withdrew from the House Chamber, under the escort of the Sergeant-at-Arms.