NOTICE: - While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the data herein, this is NOT the official version of Senate Journal. It is published to provide information in a timely manner, but has not been proofread against the events of the session for this day. All information obtained from this source should be checked against a proofed copy of the Senate Journal.


Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Thursday, April 11, 2013.

Met at one minute past eleven o’clock A.M. (Mr. Richard T. Moore in the Chair)

There being no objection, at eight minutes past eleven o’clock A.M., the Chair (Mr. Richard T. Moore) declared a recess subject to the call of the Chair; and, at twenty minutes before twelve o’clock noon, the Senate reassembled, the President in the Chair.

The President, members, guests and staff then recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

At six minutes past two o’clock P.M., Mr. Rosenberg doubted the presence of a quorum; and, a count of the Senate determined that a quorum was not present.
Subsequently, at ten minutes before three o’clock P.M., the President declared that a quorum was present.

Distinguished Guests.

There being no objection, the President handed the gavel to Mr. Rosenberg for the purpose of an introduction. Mr. Rosenberg then introduced the Consulate General of Israel to New England, Mr. Shai Bazak and Deputy Consul General, Ronit Nudelman-Perl. April 16th marks the 65th celebration of Israeli Independence Day. Consulate General Bazak and Deputy Consul General Nudelman-Perl were welcomed with applause, approached the Rostrum and signed the guest book.

Mr. Rosenberg also introduced students and instructors from the “Lucky Ten Vocal and Dance Studio.” The students in the group were Jean Furman, Alexander Prokhorov Jr., Afanasy Prokhorov, Miriam Etingof and Yevgeniya Kravets. The group performed for the Senate in Hebrew, Russian and English song. The group, led by their directors Anna Kravets and Alexander Prokhorov, were applauded for their accomplishments and withdrew from the Chamber.


Emergency Preamble Adopted.

An engrossed Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Deane Smith, an employee of the Department of Correction (see House, No. 2292), having been certified by the Senate Clerk to be rightly and truly prepared for final passage and containing an emergency preamble,-- was laid before the Senate; and, a separate vote being taken in accordance with the requirements of Article LXVII of the Amendments to the Constitution, the preamble was adopted in concurrence, by a vote of 24 to 0.
The bill was signed by the President and sent to the House for enactment.

Order Adopted.

On motion of Ms. Brewer,--

Ordered, That when the Senate adjourns today, it adjourn to meet again on Saturday next at ten o’clock A.M., in a full formal session with a calendar.

On motion of Mr. Richard T. Moore at a half past two o’clock P.M., the Senate adjourned to meet again Saturday at ten o’clock A.M.