Tuesday, February 4, 2003.
Met according to adjournment, at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session, with Mr. Petruccelli of Boston in the Chair (having been appointed by the Speaker, under authority conferred by Rule 5, to perform the duties of the Chair).
Prayer was offered by the Reverend Robert F. Quinn, C.S.P., Chaplain of the House, as follows:
Holy Spirit of Lord, we open our hearts and minds to You and joyfully accept the spiritual gifts which You offer to us each day. Your gifts of wisdom and knowledge enable us to evaluate and address correctly each day’s often complex and difficult legislative issues and policies. Your guidance also assists us in achieving a meaningful, successful and focused life by keeping our daily challenges and responsibilities in clear perspective. In today's world of headaches and heartaches, grant us the wisdom, the skills and the courage to plan for a future in which the personal dignity, the eternal destiny and the human and civil rights of all are recognized and respected.
Bestow Your blessings on the Speaker, the members and employees of this House and their families. Amen.
At the request of the Chair (Mr. Petruccelli), the members, guests and employees joined with him in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag.


The following communications were read for the information of the House:
From the Executive Director of the Office of Community Corrections (under the provisions of Item 0339-1004 of Section 2 of Chapter 177 of the Acts of 2001) submitting a spending and management plan for said office;
From the Office of the Commissioner of Probation (under the provisions of Section 5 of Chapter 211F of the General Laws) submitting a report on the Office of Community Corrections;
From the Human Resources Division of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance (under the provisions of Section 25 of Chapter 31 of the General Laws) submitting a list of Deputy Police Chiefs and Police Chiefs eligibility lists which were revoked effective December 1, 2002; and
From the Secretary of the Executive Office of Transportation and Construction (under the provisions of Item 6000-0100 of Chapter 177 of the Acts of 2001) submitting a report detailing projects funded through the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (received on Thursday, January 30);
Severally placed on file.

Annual and Special Reports.

The annual report of the Division of Insurance (under the provisions of Section 17 of Chapter 21E of the General Laws) on the availability of insurance for response action contractors involved in actions pertaining to the release or threatened release of oil or hazardous material;
A semi-annual report of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (under Section 99(k) of Chapter 398 of the Acts of 1991) on the disposition of matters referred to said bureau;
Of the Office of the Commission of Mass Highway (under the provisions of the General Appropriation Act of fiscal year 2003 (accounts 6010-1000) of the quarterly reports of the bonded funded expenditures of the MassHighway; and
Of the Administrative Office of the Trial Court (under the provisions of Item 0330-3200 of Section 2 of Chapter 159 of the Acts of 2000) relative to the number of court officers and security personnel located in each court of the Commonwealth;
Severally were placed on file.

Papers from the Senate.

Petitions were referred, in concurrence, as follows:
Petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1932) of Michael R. Knapik and Donald F. Humason, Jr. (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation to establish a traffic commission within the city of Westfield. To the committee on Local Affairs.
Petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1934) of Andrea F. Nuciforo, Jr., and William Smitty Pignatelli (by vote of the town) for legislation to authorize the town of Lee to enter into contracts for construction, operation and maintenance, lease and modification of its water and wastewater treatment facilities. To the committee on Natural Resources and Agriculture.
Petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1931) of Robert A. Havern, Jay R. Kaufman, Anne M. Paulsen and James J. Marzilli, Jr. (by vote of the town) for legislation to increase the retirement allowance for certain retirees of the town of Arlington; and
Petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1933) of Michael W. Morrissey, Bruce J. Ayers, Ronald Mariano and A. Stephen Tobin (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation to authorize and direct the retirement board of the city of Quincy to grant creditable service to James J. Dentremont;
Severally to the committee on Public Service.

The following notice was received from the Clerk of the Senate, to wit:

February 3, 2003.

The Honorable Thomas M. Finneran
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Room 356 State House
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I have the honor to inform you that the Senate President has announced the appointment of the Senator from Middlesex and Norfolk, Ms. Creem, the Senator from Middlesex, Ms. Fargo, and the Senator from Essex and Middlesex, Mr. Tarr, to the advisory committee (pursuant to section 62 of chapter 3 of  the General Laws) on local government.

Patrick F. Scanlan
Clerk of the Senate


On motion of Mr. Finneran of Boston,—
Ordered, That when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet tomorrow at eleven o’clock A.M.

At eight minutes after eleven o’clock A.M., on motion of Mr. Peterson of Grafton (Mr. Petruccelli of Boston being in the Chair), the House adjourned, to meet tomorrow at eleven o’clock A.M.