Monday, February 12, 2001.

Met according to adjournment, at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session, with Mr. Nagle of Northampton in the Chair (having been appointed by the Speaker, under authority conferred by Rule 5, to perform the duties of the Chair).

Prayer was offered by the Reverend Robert F. Quinn, C.S.P., Chaplain of the House, as follows:

Gracious God, we recognize and are grateful for Your presence in our midst and ask for Your guidance as we take up the issues of this day. In praying for Your assistance, we seek a wisdom which is higher than our own, a vision of the future which is clearer than our own, the courage to do what is honorable which is stronger than our own and a kindness towards others which is more extensive than our own. In the spirit, words and tradition of Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday we celebrate today, “with malice towards none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right”, let us strive to address the complex issues in this changing world and to use the opportunities which are unique to this age.

Grant your blessings to the Speaker, the members and employees of this House and their families. Amen.

At the request of the Chair (Mr. Nagle), the members, guests and employees joined with him in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag.



The following resolutions (filed with the Clerk) were referred, under Rule 85, to the committee on Rules:

Resolutions (filed by Mr. Brown of Wrentham) congratulating Carolyn C. Winsor;

Resolutions (filed by Mr. Hart of Boston) congratulating Bernard J. Longo on the occasion of his retirement;

Resolutions (filed by Ms. Polito of Shrewsbury) honoring Doctor Harvey G. Clermont on receiving the Passionist Witness Award;

Resolutions (filed by Representatives Wolf of Cambridge, Barrios of Cambridge and Toomey of Cambridge) congratulating Transition House on the occasion of its 25th anniversary; and

Resolutions (filed by Representatives Wolf of Cambridge, Barrios of Cambridge and Toomey of Cambridge) honoring Katherine Triantafillou;

Mr. DiMasi of Boston, for the committee on Rules, reported, in each instance, that the resolutions ought to be adopted. Under suspension of the rules, in each instance, on motion of Mr. Donato of Medford, the resolutions (reported by the committee on Bills in the Third Reading to be correctly drawn) were considered forthwith; and they were adopted.


Annual and Special Reports.

A bi-monthly report of the Executive Office of Transportation and Construction (under the provisions of Section 178 of Chapter 653 of the Acts of 1989) submitting an account of the costs incurred in connection with the depression of the Central Artery and construction of the Ted Williams Tunnel, was read for the information of the House; and sent to the Senate for its information.


Annual reports

Of the Department of Education (under the provisions of Section 1 of Chapter 414 of the Acts of 1992) relative to the School Breakfast and Summer Food Service Outreach Program;

Of the State Ethics Commission (under the provisions of Section 2(1) of Chapter 268B of the General Laws) for the fiscal year 2000;

Of the Commissioner of Insurance (under the provisions of Section 4A of Chapter 175 of the General Laws) of the homeowners insurance market in the Commonwealth;

Of the Division of Insurance (under the provisions of Section 17 of Chapter 21E of the General Laws) on the availability of insurance for response action contractors involved in actions pertaining to the release or threatened release of oil or hazardous material; and

Of the Joint Labor-Management Committee for Municipal Police and Fire (under Clause (a) of subdivision 3 of Chapter 589 of the Acts of l987) relative to the results of invoking the special provisions for the resolution of a dispute over the provisions of collective bargaining;

Quarterly reports

Of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (under the provisions of Section 9 of Chapter 87 of the Acts of 2000) on the status of the Central Artery/Ted Williams Tunnel Project; and

Of the Division of Employment and Training (under the provisions of Section 68 of Chapter 233 of the Acts of 1983) relative to the condition of the Commonwealth’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund for the period ending December 31, 2000; and

A special report of the Department of Telecommunications and Energy (under the provisions of Section 312 of Chapter 164 of the Acts of 1997) of its investigation and study of whether services of utility companies should be provided through a competitive market with no disruption of these activities by distribution companies presently providing these services;

Severally were read for the information of the House; and were placed on file.


Papers from the Senate.

A report of the Bureau of Special Investigations (under the provisions of Section 15D(6) of Chapter 22 of the General Laws) for the month of December, 2000, was read for the information of the House; and returned to the Senate to be placed on file.


Reports of the Department of Public Health (under the provisions of Sections 5 and 20 of Chapter 111 of the General Laws) relative to inspections of certain correctional facilities in the Commonwealth, severally were read for the information of the House, as follows:

Of the Bridgewater Complex Kitchen, in the town of Bridgewater;

Of the Old Colony Correction Center, in the town of Bridgewater; and

Of the Park Drive Pre-Release Center, in the city of Boston;

Severally returned to the Senate to be placed on file.


Report of a Committee.

Mrs. Walrath of Stow, for the committee on Long-Term Debt and Capital Expenditures, on House, No. 3899, reported, in part, a Bill relative to the terms of certain bonds issued by the Commonwealth (House, No. 3907). Read; and referred, under Rule 33, to the committee on Ways and Means.



On motion of Mr. Hynes of Marshfield,—

Ordered, That when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet on Wednesday next at one o’clock P.M.; and that, notwithstanding the provisions of House Rule 12, there being no objection, the Clerk be authorized to dispense with the printing of a Calendar for said sitting.



At eleven minutes after eleven o’clock A.M., on motion of Mr. Tirone of Amesbury (Mr. Nagle of Northampton being in the Chair), the House adjourned, to meet on Wednesday next at one o’clock P.M.