Thursday, February 20, 2003.
Met according to adjournment, at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session, with Mr. Connolly of Everett in the Chair (having been appointed by the Speaker, under authority conferred by Rule 5, to perform the duties of the Chair).
Prayer was offered by the Reverend Robert F. Quinn, C.S.P., Chaplain of the House, as follows:
God, Our Creator, the observance and celebration of Presidents’ Day and Week offer us an opportunity to recall the dedication and accomplishments of former Presidents, especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Their great spirit, personal sacrifices and clear vision of the future have given us a free and responsible nation in which the dignity of all is respected. During these anxious and trying times, may their commitment to political and religious freedom inspire us to respect the needs and the common good of all in our diverse society. Inspire us each day to follow Your ways and to implement legislation which is based on noble purposes, ethical principles and sound judgments.
Grant Your blessings to the Speaker, the members and employees of this House and their families. Amen.
At the request of the Chair (Mr. Connolly), the members, guests and employees joined with him in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag.


Resolutions (filed with the Clerk by Ms. Wolf of Cambridge) honoring His Excellency Kenneth David Kaunda, were referred, under Rule 85, to the committee on Rules.
Mr. Scaccia of Boston, for the committee on Rules, then reported that the resolutions ought to be adopted. Under suspension of the rules, on motion of Mr. Scibak of South Hadley, the resolutions (reported by the committee on Bills in the Third Reading to be correctly drawn) were considered forthwith; and they were adopted.

Paper from the Senate.

The following notice was received from the Clerk of the Senate, to wit:

February 14, 2003.

The Honorable Thomas M. Finneran
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Room 356 State House
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I have the honor to inform you that the Senate membership has ratified the committee assignments that were recommended by the President of the Senate in January, with the following changes:
Senator Morrissey has been appointed to replace Senator Wilkerson on the committee on Commerce and Labor;
Senator Creem has been appointed to replace Senator Wilkerson as Vice-Chairman of the committee on Human Services and Elderly Affairs;
Senator Shannon has been appointed to replace Senator Wilkerson as Vice-Chairman of the committee on Local Affairs; and
Senator Wilkerson has been appointed to the sixth position on the committee on Transportation.


Patrick F. Scanlan,
Clerk of the Senate.


On motion of Mr. Finneran of Boston,—
Ordered, That when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet on Monday next at eleven o’clock A.M.

At eighteen minutes after eleven o’clock A.M., on motion of Mr. Peterson of Grafton (Mr. Connolly of Everett being in the Chair), the House adjourned, to meet on Monday next at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session.