Tuesday, April 1, 2003.
Met according to adjournment, at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session, with Mr. Quinn of Dartmouth in the Chair (having been appointed by the Speaker, under authority conferred by Rule 5, to perform the duties of the Chair).
Prayer was offered by the Reverend Robert F. Quinn, C.S.P., Chaplain of the House, as follows:
God of Goodness and Forgiveness, in celebrating this brief moment of prayer and reflection, we also look to You for direction and counsel in addressing and resolving today’s and everyday’s personal and legislative issues. We believe that Your guidance enables us to make sound judgments and to keep our priorities in a realistic and proper perspective. During these busy legislative days, inspire us to be open to the experiences, insights and suggestions of others as well as to You, Your ways and precepts. Teach us to analyze all proposals and issues in a thoughtful and mature manner, so that people and society will be well served by our conscientious choices.
Grant Your blessings to the Speaker, the members and employees of this House and their families. Amen.
At the request of the Chair (Mr. Quinn), the members, guests and employees joined with him in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Papers from the Senate.

A report of the committee on State Administration, asking to be discharged from further consideration of the petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1675) of Richard T. Moore for legislation to require the Secretary for Administration and Finance to conduct a study of workforce development relative to an enhanced health care workforce, and recommending that the same be referred to the committee on Health Care,— accepted by the Senate, was considered forthwith, under Rule 42; and it was accepted, in concurrence.

A petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1968) of Therese Murray, Susan Williams Gifford, Jeffrey Davis Perry and Matthew C. Patrick (by vote of the town) for legislation to authorize the appointment of Kelly McNiff as a firefighter in the town of Bourne notwithstanding the maximum age requirement, was referred, in concurrence, to the committee on Public Service.


On motion of Mr. Finneran of Boston,—
Ordered, That when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet on Thursday next at eleven o’clock A.M.

At six minutes after eleven o’clock A.M., on motion of Mr. Ruane of Salem (Mr. Quinn of Dartmouth being in the Chair), the House adjourned, to meet on Thursday next at eleven o’clock A.M., in an Informal Session.