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Seal of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Thursday, January 18, 2001.

Met at a quarter past one o’clock P.M.



A communication was received from Patrick F. Scanlan, Clerk of the Senate, informing the Senate that he had appointed William F. Welch of Milford as Assistant Clerk and Michael D. Hurley of South Boston as Second Assistant Clerk.



The annual report of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (under Sections 21, 102 and 103 of Chapter 32 of the General Laws) relative to the percentum change in the average cost-of-living as shown by the United States consumer price index for the year 2000 compared with such index for the year 1999 (House, No. 1720),— was referred, in concurrence, to the committee on Public Service.


Orders of the Day.

The Orders of the Day were considered, as follows:

The Senate Order that the rules of the Senate for the previous General Court be adopted with amendments (Senate, No. 1818),— was considered, the question being on adoption.

After remarks, Mr. Lees moved to amend Rule 59A by inserting after the first paragraph the following paragraph:—
“The President and the Clerk shall endeavor to provide that all formal sessions of the Senate during which the general appropriation bill is considered are broadcast live on television throughout the commonwealth. If it is not feasible for such a session to be broadcast live, they shall ensure that it is webcast live on the Internet and shall endeavor to provide for its delayed broadcast on television throughout the commonwealth.”
The amendment was adopted.
Mr. Lees further moved to amend Rule 12A by striking out the first sentence and inserting in place thereof the following:—
“There shall be a standing Committee on Ethics consisting of six members, three of whom shall be appointed by the Senate President and three of whom shall be appointed by the Senate Minority Leader in the beginning of the first year of the biennial session of the General Court.”; and in Rule 13 by adding at the beginning of the second sentence of paragraph (b), before the words “the President,” the following:— “except as provided in Rule 12A,”.

After debate, the question on adoption of the amendment was determined by a call of the yeas and nays, at twenty minutes before two o’clock P.M., on motion of Mr. Lees, as follows, to wit (yeas 6 — nays 32):


Hedlund, Robert L. Sprague, Jo Ann
Knapik, Michael R. Tarr, Bruce E.
Lees, Brian P. Tisei, Richard R. — 6.



Antonioni, Robert A. Menard, Joan M.
Berry, Frederick E. Montigny, Mark C.
Brewer, Stephen M. Moore, Richard T.
Chandler, Harriette L. Morrissey, Michael W.
Clancy, Edward J., Jr. Murray, Therese
Creedon, Robert S., Jr. Nuciforo, Andrea F., Jr.
Creem, Cynthia Stone O’Leary, Robert
Fargo, Susan C. Pacheco, Marc R.
Glodis, Guy W. Panagiotakos, Steven C.
Havern, Robert A. Resor, Pamela
Jacques, Cheryl A. Rosenberg, Stanley C.
Jajuga, James P. Tolman, Steven A.
Joyce, Brian A. Travaglini, Robert E.
Lynch, Stephen F. Tucker, Susan C.
Magnani, David P. Walsh, Marian
Melconian, Linda J. Wilkerson, Dianne — 32.



Shannon, Charles E. — 1.


The yeas and nays having been completed at seventeen minutes before two o’clock P.M., the amendment was rejected.
Mr. Lees further moved to amend Senate Rule 56 by striking out the fifth sentence.
After debate, the amendment was rejected.
After remarks, the main question on adoption of the order (Senate, No. 1818, amended) was determined by a call of the yeas and nays; at twelve minutes before two o’clock P.M., on motion of Mr. Lees, as follows, to wit (yeas 38 — nays 0):


Antonioni, Robert A. Lynch, Stephen F.
Berry, Frederick E. Magnani, David P.
Brewer, Stephen M. Melconian, Linda J.
Chandler, Harriette L. Menard, Joan M.
Clancy, Edward J., Jr. Montigny, Mark C.
Creedon, Robert S., Jr. Moore, Richard T.
Creem, Cynthia Stone Morrissey, Michael W.
Fargo, Susan C. Murray, Therese
Glodis, Guy W. Nuciforo, Andrea F., Jr.
Havern, Robert A. O’Leary, Robert
Hedlund, Robert L. Pacheco, Marc R.
Jacques, Cheryl A. Panagiotakos, Steven C.
Jajuga, James P. Resor, Pamela
Joyce, Brian A. Rosenberg, Stanley C.
Knapik, Michael R. Sprague, Jo Ann
Lees, Brian P. Tarr, Bruce E.
Tisei, Richard R. Tucker, Susan C.
Tolman, Steven A. Walsh, Marian
Travaglini, Robert E. Wilkerson, Dianne — 38.

NAYS — 0.


Shannon, Charles E. — 1.

The yeas and nays having been completed at eight minutes before two o’clock P.M., the order (Senate, No. 1820, printed as amended) was adopted.


The following resolutions (having been filed with the Clerk) were considered forthwith and adopted, as follows:—
Resolutions (filed by Mr. Shannon) “honoring Edward J. Florino on the occasion of his retirement from the city of Medford.”


Adjournment in Memory of John C. Rennie.

Mr. Birmingham presented an order that when the Senate adjourns today, it adjourn in memory of John C. Rennie, who passed away this past week. The President stated that Jack Rennie was instrumental in the drafting and support of the Education Reform Act of 1993. He was tireless in his dedication to the improvement of public schools and was a model citizen participant in state government. The order was adopted.

Accordingly, as a mark of respect to the memory of Mr. Rennie, at five minutes before two o’clock P.M., on motion of Mr. Lees, the Senate adjourned to meet on the following Monday at eleven o’clock A.M.