NOTICE: - While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the data herein, this is NOT the official version of Senate Journal. It is published to provide information in a timely manner, but has not been proofread against the events of the session for this day. All information obtained from this source should be checked against a proofed copy of the Senate Journal.


Seal of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Monday, March 4, 2002.

Met at four minutes past eleven o’clock A.M.



Mr. Berry presented a petition (subject to Joint Rule 12) of Frederick E. Berry for legislation relative to a speedy trial for persons sixty-five years of age or older,— and the same was referred, under Senate Rule 20, to the committees on Rules of the two branches, acting concurrently.  

Reports of Committees.

By Ms. Chandler, for the committee on Public Service, on the recommitted petition, a Bill providing for the inclusion of a major police labor organization in the process of mediating municipal police labor agreements (Senate, No. 1309);
Read and, under Senate Rule 27, referred to the committee on Ways and Means.  

The following report was referred to the committee on Steering and Policy, the time within which the said committee was required to report having expired:

Of the committee on Counties, ought NOT to pass (under Joint Rule 10) on the petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 438) of Andrea F. Nuciforo, Jr. and Daniel E. Bosley for legislation relative to the fee charged for a license of a specially trained dog for disabled persons.

Ms. Resor, for the committee on Steering and Policy, reported that the following matter be placed in the Orders of the Day for the next session:

The House Bill relative to providing for increased safety at pedestrian crosswalks (House, No. 2642, amended).



A Bill authorizing an alternative method of construction for the Blue Hills and Spot Pond area covered water storage tanks (House, No. 4816, amended,— on petition),— was read and, under Senate Rule 27, referred to the committee on Ways and Means.

A Bill relative to recreational facilities (House, No. 313, changed,— on petition),— was read and, under Senate Rule 26, referred to the committee on Steering and Policy.

A Bill authorizing the town of Braintree to convey a certain parcel of town forest land (House, No. 4926,— on House, No. 4729) [Local approval received on House, No. 4729],— was read and, under Senate Rule 26, placed in the Orders of the Day for the next session.

A communication from the city known as the town of Agawam transmitting to the General Court a copy of Resolutions (approved by the town council and the mayor) requesting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts provide supplemental budget funding for the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home (having been sent by the House to the Senate for its information),— was returned to the House to be placed on file.  

A petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 4938) of Alice K. Wolf for legislation to authorize the District Court Department to establish a sick leave bank for Robin Tirrell McCree, an employee of said department,— was referred, in concurrence, under suspension of Joint Rule 12, to the committee on the Judiciary.  

The Senate Bill relative to the one trial system for civil cases in certain counties (Senate, No. 1937, amended),— came from the House passed to be engrossed, in concurrence with amendments in section 20, in line 13, by striking out the figure “32” and inserting in place thereof the word figure “30”; and by striking out the word “January” and inserting in place thereof the word “March”.
The rules were suspended, on motion of Ms. Fargo, and the House amendments were considered forthwith and adopted, in concurrence.



The Clerk read the following communication:




March 1, 2001.

Patrick F. Scanlan, Clerk
Massachusetts Senate
State House, Room 335
Boston, Massachusetts 02133


Dear Mr. Clerk:

On February 28, 2002, I was away from the State House on a personal matter, and I was therefore unable to be present for the roll call votes taken on the following items:

1. Senate Bill 2186, An Act Providing For Capital Facility Improvements And Repairs For The Commonwealth.
2. House Bill 843, An Act Relative To The Maximum Fee For Bail.
3. House Bill 2824, An Act Relative To The Appointment Of A Joint Special Committee To Make An Investigation And Study Of The Joint Rules Of The Two Branches Of The General Court.

Had I been present, I would have voted in the affirmative on all these matters.

I would respectfully request your assistance with the printing of this communication in the Senate journal. Thank you in advance for your help on this matter.

State Senator.

On motion of Mr. Brewer, the above statement was ordered printed in the Journal of the Senate.



The following resolutions (having been filed with the Clerk) were considered forthwith and adopted, as follows:—

Resolutions (filed by Ms. Walsh) “congratulating Paul M. Monahan on the occasion of his retirement from the Department of Highways.”


Engrossed Bill.

An engrossed Bill relative to the Massachusetts Medal of Merit (see House, No. 161) (which originated in the House), having been certified by the Senate Clerk to be rightly and truly prepared for final passage, was passed to be enacted and was signed by the President and laid before the Acting Governor for her approbation.  

Matter Taken Out of the Orders of the Day.

There being no objection, the following matter was taken out of the Orders of the Day and considered, as follows:

The House Bill relative to civil service in the city known as the town of Weymouth (House, No 4019),— was read a third time and passed to be engrossed, in concurrence.  

Order Adopted.

On motion of Ms. Murray,—

Ordered, That when the Senate adjourns today, it adjourn to meet again on Thursday next at eleven o’clock A.M., and that the Clerk be directed to dispense with the printing of a calendar.

On motion of Mr. Knapik, at ten minutes past eleven o’clock A.M., the Senate adjourned to meet on the following Thursday at eleven o’clock A.M.