Current Employment Statistics (CES-790)

A monthly survey of more than 8,000 employers provides estimates of employment by industry for the state and for seven Metropolitan New England City and Town Statistical Areas (NECTA). The Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH Metropolitan NECTA includes six Metropolitan Statistical Divisions in which employment estimates are produced for Massachusetts. Statewide hours and earnings data are published for selected industries within the manufacturing super sector. The Current Employment Statistics program data is based on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).

NOTE TO DATA USERS, as of March 6, 2014:


NOTE TO DATA USERS; as of March 10, 2015: Statewide data series have been revised to reflect annual benchmark revisions and seasonal adjustments for 2009 to 2014.
As of March 12, 2015 New England City and Town Area estimates have been revised back to 1990. Seasonally adjusted total jobs data for selected areas are available. This year the 2010 Census area delineations have been implemented resulting in changes to the geographic composition of sub-state areas. This realignment has allowed for the publication of each of the NECTA divisions in the newly defined Boston-Cambridge-Nashua MA-NH Metropolitan NECTA. The area with the largest geographical change is the Springfield MA-CT Metropolitan NECTA.
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All Employee Hours and Earnings (AEPP)

All Employee Hours and Earnings Payroll series are now available for the private sector. The statewide and metropolitan statistical area series provide estimates for average weekly hours, average weekly earnings and average hourly earnings.

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Employment and Wages by Industry and Area (ES-202)

Quarterly data is derived from more than 150,000 Massachusetts employers subject to unemployment compensation laws. Industry employment and payroll information is produced both quarterly and annually for the state, New England City and Town Statistical Areas, labor market areas, workforce investment areas, counties, cities and towns. Annual files contain more up-to-date data than previously released quarterly files. NAICS based employment and wage data are available beginning with the first quarter of 2001.

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Business Employment Dynamics (BED)

Business Employment Dynamics data track the expansion and contraction of employment for private businesses. Over the quarter changes in gross job gains (expansions and openings) and gross job losses (reductions and closures), and the net change in employment at the establishment level are available through this new series.

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Massachusetts Business Employment Dynamics State Data

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