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The DCS Rapid Response Team specialists are experienced in assisting workers cope with job change. During the Rapid Response sessions they will begin to gather information on the employees’ needs and begin to organize services necessary to help them get back to work. Additionally Rapid Response meetings will introduce them to many other programs that will help during this time of transition.


The decision to lay off employees is one no employer wants to make. However, as layoffs do occur, inviting the DCS Rapid Response team to meet with affected workers prior to the layoff will allow your employees to access services and programs which will help them through this difficult time.

The Rapid Response Team will refer the affected workers to the Massachusetts One-Stop Career Center system which provides the support the workers need throughout their transition from unemployment to new employment. The Center's staff will help them with all their job search needs. They will assess employees' marketability and may provide assistance for them to attend training at a private, community, public school or college.  

The DCS Rapid Response Teams can provide employees with information and services, including

  • Explanation of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Information and referrals to Career Centers
  • Career counseling
  • Job search assistance
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Interviewing skills workshops
  • Other on-site workshops
  • Information on the local labor market
  • Information about education and training opportunities
  • Information on Health Benefits and Pensions
  • AFL-CIO Rapid Response Services for Unionized Workers
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