Notice of Layoffs

Rapid Response's early intervention services can only be initiated when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the DCS Rapid Response Team learns of the impending layoffs. Companies will often notify the Rapid Response team of a layoff and invite them to come on site to help the workers who will be laid off. In some cases, employers are required to provide 60 days notice before a layoff. Certain mass layoffs and plant closings will meet the criteria of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining (WARN) Act.

Rights and Responsibilities Under Employment Laws and Regulations

Elaws Advisor helps you understand your rights and responsibilities under the employment laws and regulations, such as the WARN Act, administered by the Department of Labor (DOL). Each Advisor imitates the interaction you might have with a DOL employment law expert—it asks questions and provides answers based on your responses. Rapid Response Image 4

Trade-Related Layoffs and Plant Closings

The DCS Rapid Response Team will work with your company/union to provide information on the Trade Adjustment Act and the benefits you can receive if the layoffs are a result of foreign trade. Your company, the DCS Rapid Response Team, or workers can file a trade petition with the United States Department of Labor.

Submit WARN Notice

If you are ready to submit your WARN notice email and attach your notice.