The Trade Act as amended established the Trade Reform Act of 2002 pdf format of    The Trade Act 2002
The Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009 pdf format of    The Trade Act 2009
The Trade Adjustment Assistance Act of 2011 pdf format of    The Trade Act 2011

Trade Adjustment Assistance Brochures

To obtain additional information on the Trade Program Benefits, please follow the links:

English | Getting Back to Work After a Trade-Related Layoff

Spanish | Regresando a Trabajar Luego de un despedido (Trade-Related Layoff)

Updated version of the 2011 Program Brochure in English and its Spanish translation.
English | Getting Back to Work

Spanish | Volviendo al Trabajo


Petitions Status Tracker

To view a petition status go to:


Health Coverage Tax Credit

Are You Eligible for the HCTC?
The HCTC is a tax credit that helps TAA eligible individuals. HCTC establishes a tax credit at 65% of the amount paid by an eligible individual for qualifying coverage under qualified health insurance (them & immediate family members).

Click below for additional information on eligibility and how to receive the credit.

(Please note that as of January 1, 2014 the tax credit will no longer be available. Please visit the HCTC Expiration for more information regarding how this will affect the Monthly and Yearly HCTC.)


Trade Forms (students)

Below are forms used by vendors, career centers and/or trade participants: