TrainingPro is a service of the Department of Career Services (DCS) and the Department of Unemployment Assistance(DUA).

With TrainingPro,

  • Training courses can be approved for participants in a variety of federal and state programs in Massachusetts;
  • Training providers can list their courses online;
  • Training providers can easily update their program information.

With TrainingPro, as training professionals you can apply for approval for your courses for any or all of these programs.

No more completing multiple application forms for approval of a single course. TrainingPro allows you to indicate any, or all, of the programs for which you are seeking course approval. It is anticipated that this online service will eliminate duplication and result in a faster and more efficient approval of your organization's training courses.

Data Integrity and Security

In order to ensure data integrity, the first individual from your organization to login to TrainingPro will be responsible for registering and setting up your organization's "user" information within the online system. Since your provider/organization record is linked to your organization's unique Federal Identification Number (FEIN), once your organization has completed the initial registration process, you will not be allowed to register another entity that shares the same FEIN. This means that if your organization has multiple locations, but share the same FEIN, you only need to register once.

Once your organization is set up, you may add as many "users" to your "account" as you need. However, new users will not be able to add themselves to your account. They must be added by a current user who has access to the system. Instructions for this process will be provided after you first login.

Using TrainingPro

Navigating the application is quite simple. There are instructions on how to enter course information.

You are only required to provide course details that are appropriate for the program or programs for which you want course approval. You will not be asked to complete entries that are not applicable.

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