Express Program Training Provider Directory
The Training Provider Directory has been compiled to assist Express Program applicants. Any company or labor organization applying for an Express Program grant is required to select a course from those listed in this directory. Applicants applying for a General Program grant may also use this directory to locate an appropriate training facility or course, but are not required to do so.

The training providers listed applied to the Department of Career Services for approval to have their courses appear in the directory.

Requirements for Approval
Training providers listed in the directory were required to meet these standards.
  • The training facility must have been in business for at least two years.
  • The types of courses provided are among those requested for use in the Express Program.
  • The courses are pre-existing and have been offered within the past year.
  • The courses are available generally, and have not been specifically designed for the Express Program.
  • The courses are not those that are legally mandated, such as those required by OSHA.


This is an online service for training providers. TrainingPro allows providers to register their courses for participants in other federal and state workforce development programs, in addition to Workforce Training Fund Express. Training providers can list their courses online and easily update their course information.


The Massachusetts Department of Career Services makes no representation regarding the availability or quality of a training course listed on the Workforce Training Fund Express Program website.

The placement of a training course on this site does not constitute an endorsement of that training course or provider.

Applicants are encouraged to research the applicable training provider/ course prior to submitting an Express Program application.