Rapid Response: Business Transition Services

The Rapid Response program helps businesses who are in transition mode, whether they are expanding or downsizing.

On-the-Job (OTJ) Training Program

The On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program assists employers with the cost of hiring and training a new employee.

Workforce Training Fund

The Workforce Training Fund is a state fund enacted into law in July 1998 and financed entirely by Massachusetts employers. Its purpose is to provide resources to Massachusetts businesses and workers to train current and newly hired employees.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

The TAA program has and will continue to help workers who have lost their jobs as a result of foreign trade to quickly rejoin the workforce by providing them with the means to attain competitive and marketable skills for today’s increasingly competitive work environment.

Labor Market Information

Information on Massachusetts labor force, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rates, occupations, industries and more.

Training Provider Information

     Link to TrainingPro     

1. Important Information for Training Providers Registering Through TrainingPro 

Notice to Training Providers pdf format of Letter sent to Training Providers
Questions on this notice should be sent to TrainingProvider@detma.org

2. Eligible Training Provider Policy

      View WIOA ETPL Policy       
      View  Questions and Answers for Training Providers

3. Important Notice Regarding Licensing Through Division of Professional Licensure (DPL)

You are encouraged to reach out to the Division of Professional Licensure as soon as possible regarding a determination as to whether you will need to apply for licensure as an occupational school, or if your training programs are exempt from licensure.  For more information, please go to DPL's website for Occupational Schools

On this page you can access the “Licensure Determination Form” under “Resources” on the right hand side of the page.  Please complete this form and submit it to the contact person listed at the bottom of the second page.  If you have questions about this form, or the licensure determination process, please contact Mary Jayne Fay at DPL at either maryjayne.fay@state.ma.us or (617) 727-5812.  

It is important that you contact DPL as soon as possible in order to allow sufficient time for a determination and, if licensure is required, to submit a complete application.

4. Required: Certificate of Good Standing from Department of Revenue (DOR)

A Certificate of Good Standing from DOR is required for Training Providers to meet DOR compliance.
View Sample of Certificate of Good Standing  pdf format of Sample of Certificate of Good Standing
Please submit the certificate to ckoerojna@detma.org.

QUEST Project Information

Through QUEST (Quality Unemployment System Transformation), both the Revenue and Benefits systems will be completely re-engineered, providing employers and claimants with a fast, interactive web-enabled way to transact business with DUA. Funded by State Bond money, this initiative will produce benefits for both DUA customers and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.