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February 18, 2016

10AM - 12PM

Virtual Job Fair
Presented by the ETR Career Centers

Virtual Job Fair  pdf format of Virtual Job Fair


February 19, 2016

10AM - 12PM

Highlands Landscape Recruitment
Presented by the Workforce Central Career Center
425 Fortune Boulevard, Milford, MA

Highlands Landscape Recruitment  pdf format of Highlands Landscape Recruitment


February 25, 2016

10AM - 1PM

Haverhill Job Fair
Presented by ValleyWorks Career Center
Northern Essex Community College
Hartleb Technology Building, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA

Haverhill Job Fair  pdf format of Haverhill Job Fair


March 16, 2016

4PM - 6PM

Spring Fling Job Fair
Presented by Franklin Hampshire Career Center
Frontier Regional School, South Deerfield, MA

Spring Fling Job Fair  pdf format of Spring Fling Job Fair