To really do a good job critiquing your resume, spend some time understanding the employer's perspective. Massachusetts employers, when reviewing your work experience, look for the following:
  1. Are there sufficient years and the appropriate level of experience?
  2. Is the work experience in the appropriate areas?
  3. Is the candidate missing any critical experience?
  4. Does the candidate have sufficient breadth and depth of technical knowledge?
  5. Does the applicant have sufficient supervisory, management or leadership skills?
  6. Is there a solid record of accomplishments?
  7. How does this candidate compare with others currently under consideration?

To know if your resume effectively presents the answers to these questions, have a friend review it by conducting the following exercise.

Review Your Resume From an Employer's Perspective.

How easy is it to skim your resume answering the questions above in less than one minute? Is the summary statement appropriate for the employer that the resume is being tested for? Is the information factual and accurate?

  • Inaccurate information on a resume or application will catch up to you.
  • You will be fired as soon as the inaccuracy is discovered.

Is the Resume Positive?

Did your eyes become tired reading the resume? Are there any spelling, typographical or grammatical mistakes?