As a job seeker, you will be successful if you take on the role of a sales person. Your task is to know as much as possible about the product you are selling (your skills and abilities) and the markets you are trying to reach (specific industries and employers). This means developing a marketing strategy. To do this, begin with a self assessment. You must identify what you have to offer and then package it for employers. Once you have identified your skills, abilities, and accomplishments, you must identify the industries you are interested in and target specific employers within those industries.


Industry: >ElectricalIndustry: >Technical
Position: >AssemblerPosition: >Assembler
Employers: >ABC Company Profit Corp.Employers: >Bopre & Sons Tools Inc.

Resumes that are tailored to specific industries, employers, and job announcements are the most effective. In targeting your resume and cover letter to a particular company and job opening, your format and language need to be tailored to match what the employer is looking for. Employers will be more likely to call you for an interview if your resume has language that is familiar to them and lists the qualifications for which they are looking. You can ensure this by paying close attention to adjectives and phrases (buzz words) used in job postings and advertisements.

Tailoring your resume allows you to make a stronger presentation of your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments by selecting those work experiences that are relevant to the employer who is reading your resume. An employer reading a resume that has been tailored to his or her industry/company/position, feels a familiarity with the resume and the person who sent it because it looks and reads like those of people who currently work in that company.

Employer Viewpoint "In our business, we look at the resume for the following things in this order: relevant experience and education, truth in advertising, and personal qualities (to the extent that we can judge from the resume), such as competence, maturity, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and likability."

Dr. Jerrold Shapiro, Ophthalmology Program Manager, Candella Laser Corporation