A combination resume often looks like a functional resume, however, it is actually a chronological resume which lists accomplishments in functional skill areas. This information comes before the work history section.

Benefits of a Combination Resume:

  • Allows for more flexibility and creativity in marketing your skills.
  • Helps target your resume to a particular job or employer.

Employers tend to view combination resumes the same way they view functional resumes. Generally, employers prefer to see accomplishment statements tied into the specific job they are related to. Functional and combination resumes place accomplishment statements in their own section, separate from the relevant jobs. Most of the employers who participated in this survey do not like accomplishments lifted out of your work history. Job seekers like to use combination resumes because of their flexibility. You can take the best features of a chronological resume and a functional resume and combine them into one resume. If you do decide to utilize a combination resume, here are some guidelines and key points to remember:

  • Include a summary statement at the top of your resume summarizing your accomplishments that are relevant to the job you want. Quantify when possible.
  • Insert your employment history next, utilizing the chronological format (be sure to include dates of employment). Link your summary statement with your employment history. However, do not repeat the information.
  • Follow the chronological format for the remaining information.

Example of a Combination Resume

3 Haverford Road,
Southboro, MA 01456,
(508) 485-9999

Extensive Materials Management experience, including Plant Manufacturing Supervision and Divisional Planning Responsibilities. Background in the start-up of domestic and international manufacturing facilities.


Kendall Healthcare Products Company, Mansfield, MA 1977 to 1999


  • Selected to a special Materials Management project team that consolidated four domestic plants with multiple technologies into a new 203m square, 1,100 employee Focused Cell manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Directed and led with the design and implementation of the IMREX-Forecasting and Distribution Requirements Planning modules for major product lines with annual sales of $80 million and 500 SKU's.
  • Developed and implemented corrective action program on master production scheduling, materials requirements planning and shop floor control. Reviewed and analyzed performance to plan variance that improved customer service by 75%.


  • Supervised the Sales Forecast, developed and implemented Production Plans and Master Production Schedules for two plants with a complement of 400 hourly, 100 salaried staff on a seven day production schedule.
  • Directed the Inventory Investment of $5 million that achieved 15 turns/year - double the industry average.
  • Directed and implemented Capacity Resource Plans that achieve short and long range business plans.


  • Administered a task force that instituted a formal methodology on Production Planning, Scheduling and Inventory Management for four weaving plants. Achieved a $500,000 cost reduction goal.
  • Directed and implemented sales forecast, MPS, MRP, inventory levels and distribution requirements planning for 500 SKU's representing an inventory investment of $15 million.


B.S., Industrial Management, Southeastern Massachusetts University
American Production and Inventory Control Society
(Completed two modules towards certification)

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