1. OMIT the date at the top of the resume and the job objective. These go in the cover letter.
  2. OMIT the pronoun "I"
  3. OMIT abbreviations in the body of your resume.
  4. OMIT technical or military terms that will not be understood by those who read the material.
  5. OMIT race, religion and political affiliation
  6. OMIT matters that are negative or awkward to write about, including the
    reasons for leaving other jobs.
  7. OMIT availability. (Wait until you have been offered the job.)
  8. OMIT the following miscellaneous details: Age, Race, Weight, Sex, Height, Health Status, Marital Status, Number of Children, Unrelated Hobbies, Test Scores Sports Interests, Church Affiliations, Family Background, Home Ownership, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Geographic Preference, Your Picture, Supervisor's name and title, Salary Requirements