1. Did you arrive on time?
  2. What did you wear?
  3. Did you introduce yourself to the interviewer?
  4. What qualifications did you discuss during your interview?
  5. Did you go through the resume with the interviewer?
  6. Did he/she discuss anything from your personal background? If so, what?
  7. Did the employer comment on any of your skills? If so, what was said?
  8. What was the employer's general impression of your resume?
  9. Did the interviewer discuss any special problems you may have? If yes, what was discussed?
  10. Did you look at the interviewer when you spoke to him/her?
  11. Did you mention how you were referred to this company?
  12. Did you state your desire for work and interest in the company?
  13. If you were feeling sure that you were not getting the job you were being interviewed for, did you inquire about other positions? What were they?
  14. Was part-time or temporary employment an option?
  15. If nothing was available at this place, did you ask if the interviewer knows of any job openings at any other company?
  16. What was discussed the most?
  17. Was there anything the employer seemed to dislike? If so, what?
  18. What did he/she seem particularly interested in?
  19. When did you say you would call back?