Use JobQuest to search for job openings in Massachusetts, to connect to for available jobs nationwide, to locate career opportunities in State government, and to use our internet search tool.

Use America's Service Locator to find Internet addresses or telephone numbers for a wide range of services including programs for disabled workers, youth and older workers, educational opportunities and seminars.

America's Service Locator - and the Toll-Free Help Line (1-877-US-2JOBS) - is a partnership between the United States Department of Labor, state governments and local agencies to provide a comprehensive database of service providers accessible via phone or the Internet to the public.

Use of the database is free of charge and directs customers to a range of services available in their area including: unemployment benefits, job training, youth programs, seminars, education opportunities, disabled or older worker programs and more.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that more than three million workers will be displaced from their jobs annually. The toll-free help line and the service locator database were designed to ensure that all Americans have an equal opportunity to obtain the re-employment services, information and training they need to succeed.

There are many other job resources available on the internet that you can find through search engines. The Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers have resource rooms and staff who can assist you in locating on-line resources.