One-Stop Career Centers offer a variety of workshops to help job seekers find re-employment, upgrade skills or address other related areas.  Below is a list of sample workshops.  Please note that the list varies by career center, so be sure to check your career center's website before visiting.  You can also search for events on JobQuest.  To find a career center near you, go to

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Basic Job Search Skills

  1. Interview Skills
  2. Interviewing Techniques
  3. Résumé Writing (led by certified resume writers)
  4. Internet Job Search
  5. Networking Skills
  6. Cover & Thank-You Letters
  7. Negotiating Job Offers and Salary
  8. Overcoming Age Barriers
  9. Hidden Job Market
  10. Effective Networking


Using Internet and Social Media in your Job Search

  1. Basic PC/Internet training
  2. Introduction to LinkedIn
  3. Social Media for Job Search
  4. LinkedIn Tips
  5. Internet Job Search
  6. Tweet Your Job Search
  7. Using Cloud Storage
  8. E-mail Basics

Labor Market Information and Tools 

  1. Using MassCIS/ONET to explore career options
  2. Using TORQ for the Job Search


Mass TalentConnect Related Workshops (open to all)

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  1. Stress Management
  2. Age as an Advantage
  3. Telephone Interviews
  4. Salary Negotiation
  5. Mature Workers
  6. Mock Interviews and Techniques
  7. Job Club
  8. Interviewing More Effectively
  9. Optimizing your Online Application


Managing Job Loss and Stress

  1. Coping with Job Loss and Moving Ahead
  2. Financial Tips During Hard Times 
  3. Coping With Stress


  1. Starting a Business
  2. Veterans Workshop
  3. Student Financial Aid
  4. Navigating college, training and career pathways
  5. BAR None Legal Clinic