An increasing number of employers are using social media sites to recruit and to advertise for employees. The majority of open jobs are not posted on job boards, but are found through networking.
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According to JobVite’s 2013 Social Media Recruiting Survey:

  • 94% of recruiters across all industries have adapted to social recruiting
  • 78% of recruiters have made a hire using social recruiting
  • 93% of recruiters are likely to look at someone's social media profile
  • The order of preference is 1. LinkedIn 2. Facebook 3. Twitter


Why use Social Media?

Using social media sites as a networking tool can help you find unofficial job postings or find out about job openings through your online connections at the companies you are most interested in. Social media has become a way for professionals to network and "meet" hundreds of people. Using social networking in your job search is important because:

  • it demonstrates to employers that you are well versed in current internet and social media capabilities
  • it helps you to develop and showcase your "personal brand" or your online profile
  • it connects you to opportunities that are otherwise never made available to job seekers because they aren't posted on job boards
  • it builds your professional networking contacts, which are crucial to your job search
  • it allows you to research industries, companies, and positions of interest
  • it makes you visible to hiring managers, recruiters, and other decision makers

People hire people they know and trust

How to get started? 

Having a social media presence is one more way for you to market yourself, to develop networking connections, to join groups and be connected to resources in your field(s) of interest, and to be accessible to others who are seeking a person with your skills, qualifications, interests, and expertise.

Using social media in your job search is about linking yourself into the technological world of social media sites. The key is to shift your emphasis from looking at positions to finding people. Start by creating and maintaining up-to-date comprehensive profiles on one of the three most commonly used social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Getting started using social media sites may seem overwhelming at first, so just get started by focusing your time and energy on one site.  The first thing you have to do is make sure your social media profiles are complete and look professional - provide all the relevant information about you, especially your academic past and your previous work experience. Your profile picture is also very important. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments and best qualities, and remove the things that will put you in a unfavorable light.  

After you have some experience with social media, it becomes easier to expand your presence into other sites. If you need help, you can sign up for a workshop - many of the One-Stop Career Centers offer free workshops on using Social Media to search for a job.  You'll learn how to set up an email account, sign up for LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and build a Facebook page.  You'll also learn about the Do's and Don'ts so you can jump right into social media.      

Get started today! 

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Content compiled from San Jose State University and Social Media Today websites.