An extraordinary variety of employment-related services for job seekers and businesses are available at the Commonwealth's network of One-Stop Career Centers. Find a Massachusetts Career Center Near You

Services for job seekers include:

  • Job search assistance and access to online job listings
  • Career counseling
  • Coaching on job search skills
  • Workshops on a variety of job search strategies
  • Access to resources including PCs, reference materials, resume building software, and economic data
  • Networking groups
  • Specialized services for veterans, dislocated workers, disabled workers, and other special groups
  • Attend a Career Centers Seminar at a career center to learn more  


Services for employers include:

  • Access to qualified applicants
  • Applicant pre-screening
  • Posting of jobs
  • Assistance with small and large-scale recruitment activities
  • Help planning job fairs
  • Testing and assessment of job candidates
  • Targeted mailings
  • Rental of conference rooms
  • Labor market information
  • Information on training grants and tax credits

Some Career Centers provide training - PC, word processing, for example - on-site at the center. Not all services are available at all career centers.

Locate a Career Center

There is a network of One-Stop Career Centers located across the state in every major city, with branch offices in additional communities. Before visiting a Career Center, you can check its "Profile Page" to learn about:

Services offered:

  • Hours of operation,
  • Address, telephone number, and
  • Directions to the center.

If a Career Center has a Web site, you can link to it from its Profile Page. The career centers are listed according to region, with communities listed alphabetically within region.

One-Stop Career Center Activities

In addition to individual and customized services, Career Centers:

  • Hold workshops,
  • Sponsor job fairs, and
  • Work with local employers to recruit workers for available job openings.

Visit Massachusetts JobQuest's online schedule to explore the activities and workshops offered by each One-Stop Career Center. Most are free of charge.

Other Services

In many centers, services are available in languages in addition to English. Depending on location, these languages may include Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese.

While centers design services to meet local needs, there are core services that are similar across the statewide network. There is no-charge for these services. Several centers, however, do provide enhanced services for which there is a charge.

Local Focus/Statewide Network

The One-Stop Career Centers are administered locally by Workforce Investment Boards -- comprised of business, government, education, labor and community leaders -- to ensure that each center is meeting the needs of its community, in addition to providing a standard level of basic services.

Other state and local government and non-profit agencies may be partners in specific Career Centers. Depending on location, center partners may include, in addition to the Department of Career Services, the Department of Unemployment Assistance, the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, the Department of Education, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and local community agencies and colleges.

For help

If you have a problem with the service you receive in any One-Stop Career Center, we want to know. Call 617-626-5300 for assistance and information.