Employers who participated in this survey recommended that you do everything you can to find out the name of the person who will be reading your cover letter and resume. This always impresses the employer and makes a good impression.

Your cover letter should be three or four paragraphs and limited to one page in length. Some employers suggest the use of bullets to emphasize major points. The first paragraph contains the job title you are applying for and where or how you heard about the opening or your connection to the company. The second paragraph contains the major points you wish to convey to employers. Finally, the closing paragraph thanks employers for considering you and explains what you will do next.

Employer Viewpoint....

"Use the same terms/language from the ad or job description in your letter, in this instance, you are allowed to plagiarize. Provide some specifics of interest as to why you are interested in the company or position. Close by restating your interest: end with a statement that you will call for an appointment within a week or two, and then follow-up."

Glen C. Woodbury, Director of Human Resources
Boston Edison Company

The nature of your cover letter should be confident and positive. Do not overdo it. Be sure not to include any personal testimonials. When discussing skills, make sure they are related to the accomplishment statements in your resume. Like a resume, to be effective a cover letter must be tailored to the industry, the employer, or the position in which you are seeking employment.

Your cover letter should have eye appeal. It should be typed and it should match the paper and typeset of your resume. Be absolutely sure that your cover letter is grammatically correct. A cover letter is one way an employer can examine your writing skills and style.