Downsize Mode

Unfortunately, businesses get caught in a down cycle due to many unforeseen circumstances. Before you make that difficult decision to close a facility or lay off employees, please contact us to see if any of the following services can help avert the drastic action. 

Rapid Response Program

The Rapid Response team can offer alternatives to closing a facility and laying off employees. If layoffs are inevitable, measures can be taken to lessen the impact on the company and workforce.

WorkShare Program

If you are experiencing a temporary slowdown in your business, WorkShare can help you reduce your payroll costs and maintain valued workforce.

Unemployment Insurance For Workers

Unemployment Insurance provides Massachusetts workers with a temporary income, training and support during periods of unemployment.  

Safety Grant

Grants up to $25,000 are available to help companies fund workplace safety training.  Additionally, free on-site consultation is available to help companies meet OSHA requirements.