The Department of Career Services Reentry Unit provides programs and services to help ex-offenders re-enter the workforce.  It also provides support to businesses who are engaged in providing job opportunities to these individuals.   

Reentry Contact

  • Sarah Schoff
    Department of Career Services
    Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development
    19 Staniford Street
    Boston, MA 02114
    (617) 626-5042

Working with Reentry Individuals

  • Services and referrals are provided to help ex-offenders find meaningful work and assimilate back into the community. 

    One-Stop Career Center Services
    Employment and training services are provided to help re-entry individuals find a job. To get started, you must become a member of a Career Center near you and attend core services offered by the Career Center.  

    Merit Apprentice Referrals
    The Apprenticeship Program is one of the opportunities for re-entry individuals to "Earn while you Learn". This program allows you to learn a skill or trade that creates a pathway for success.  

    VERC Referrals
    VERC Enterprises Inc. has long standing experience hiring individuals with barriers to employment. Other businesses have also hired many re-entry individuals. Referrals will be made to help you gain meaningful work after you have completed core services at your local Career Center.  

Working with Businesses

  • Incentives are provided to support businesses who hire reentry individuals.   

    Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    Businesses are eligible to receive up to $2,400 in tax credits for hiring an ex-offender. You must make the hire within one year of the release date of the ex-offender. Learn more about Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

    Federal Bonding                           
    This is a business insurance policy that insures businesses up to $5,000 against any theft or loss of money resulting from an ex-offender’s dishonesty in the workplace. It has a duration of 6 months but can be extended by a bonding coordinator. It is intended to support businesses who are providing much needed job opportunities to these individuals. Learn more about The Federal Bonding Program.