When it comes to Facebook and Google+, joining groups/communities is the best way to network with people. It’s a great way to meet new people, and hopefully find job opportunities. Try to engage regularly with other members and be on the lookout for any offers.You can also follow companies’ pages and try to interact with them and get yourself noticed, just like on Twitter. 

Using Facebook in Your Job Search 


The most obvious way to use Facebook for a job hunt is to update your status with your current situation and what you are looking for. Friends, family, old colleagues, long-time-no-speak acquaintances are all there to help you. People want to help others, it’s in human nature. You will be delighted at how much support and help you’ll get. Bear in mind that another human trait is forgetting, so you best keep updating your network and giving them the latest on your job hunt and thus staying in the forefront of their minds.

Most of your colleagues and business partners will be on Facebook. Additionally, recruiters and prospective new employers (hiring mangers, HR people) will be on Facebook. This gives you a unique opportunity to network yourself to whoever is hiring at the moment. If you identify a company that is recruiting, find out who the hiring manager is. Then check for friends or friends of friends in common, in order to get referred to people working for the company or even the hiring manager direct. Contact this person with your best spiel and take it from there.

Business Cards 

Business Cards allows users to network better on Facebook. You can personalize your card and attach it to your Facebook messages. This application is much like the signature common in email messages. Users can enter information they want to appear on their virtual business card.

Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist, Gumtree and other online marketplaces are simple tools that can be very useful for your job hunt. Take a look through your local marketplace for job listings, you will be able to see a description and also who posted the job. You can now either apply or contact the person behind the position for more information. Facebook’s marketplace may not be as comprehensive as other marketplaces but that can benefit you as there is likely to be less competition for any roles posted there.

Join and Get Active in Groups

The groups on Facebook are just like Linkedin groups, a place to discuss and post news about a particular topic, industry or interest. You can add value to the group by joining in or starting discussions, posting links and other resources to the wall, moderating or managing sections of the group and so on. Once you have had a few conversations with people, send a friend invitation and they are likely to accept as you now know each other, albeit only online. The objective here is to network with and get noticed by others in your industry, this could lead to you being considered for upcoming job opportunities even before they are posted.

Posting Ads

You can set up an ad campaign on Facebook. Simply put a short ad together and link it to your bio. You can then pick what demographics you want to target and your maximum spend per day, minimum $1. The more specific you can make it the better, you only want the right people clicking through as you pay per click. These ads are likely to render some interest in yourself and may or may not lead to your dream job but it’s certainly another way to reach out.

Facebook Job Search Applications

There are many Facebook apps that provide an easy way for job seekers to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook. Most apps are fully integrated with Facebook, but enable users to keep their personal Facebook information private. Some of the popular apps are Monster's BeKnown app,CareerBuilder Facebook App, and BranchOut.  To learn more, go to About.com Facebook Apps.  

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Using Google+ in Your Job Search 

Once you understand how to use social media like LinkedIn or Facebook, Google+ is just another platform for you to get your message out.  To learn more about using Google+ in your job search, go to Social Hire.  

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