The best way to find new job opportunities is to network. Social media offers an easy way to meet new people and build relationships with them. Try using social media to talk to new people, engage with them through comments, shares and likes and be as active as possible. You never know when you could meet someone that can help you find a great job, or even someone that can give you some great advice and support.  Below are some suggestions on how to maximize your social media effectiveness.  

Start a Blog/Website

If you have the time (and the knowledge for that matter), you can try to start your own blog dealing with matters related to your work field of choice. This way you can share your blog posts on social media and also show potential employers that you know a lot about a subject, and that you get very engaged and passionate about it. You will also now have a website that you can direct people to from your social media accounts. It also shows that you have initiative and are truly interested in your work, which can make a great impression and set you apart among others looking for a job.

You can also set up your own website where you showcase your work portfolio, transforming it into a CV that anyone can check out. Make sure you provide links to your blog or website on all your social media profiles so that they can be easily accessed.

Link in Your Blog

If you have a blog or website, include them in your LinkedIn profile. Update your blogs frequently.  

Join Some Groups

Start joining active groups that are relevant to your field and interact regularly with the other users. There are some great groups in there.  Connect with people in a forum area before linking to them. Offer some help to others. 

Answer Questions

Try to also answer other members’ questions and engage with them as much as possible. You can also select to get a daily digest by email for each of the groups so you don’t miss anything.

Connect Frequently

By connecting with people, you will be opening up potential networks so that people can see and reach out to more like-minded people. 

Recommend People 

Write recommendations for people that you can vouch for in a professional way.  Usually, that will get you some mutual recommendations. 

Invite People

Invite people to join you on LinkedIn who could potentially help you in your job search.  

Schedule Some Time

Schedule time every week to review your profile.  Are there opportunities in there?  Download your contacts as a spreadsheet and pore through them every now and again. See someone you should connect with? See someone you haven’t talked with in a while? Drop them a line. That’s the real meat of this. You can do lots once you get into a few really simple habits. But it requires you to schedule the time and go through with it.


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