The purpose of the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker Program is to encourage the enlistment and retention of quality applicants, soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines into critical military jobs and units throughout the uniformed services.

The Kicker is an incentive not an entitlement. Therefore, individuals must apply for and be qualified to receive this incentive.

There are three Kicker rates available: $100, $200 and $350. Each of the military services establishes eligibility categories and sets rates according to their recruiting and retention goals and financial resources.

A maximum of 36 months of benefits can be collected under the Kicker program. To determine how much your Kicker benefit is worth, multiply your Kicker rate by 36.

The Kicker must be collected in conjunction with a basic G.I. Bill benefit, such as Chapter 30, Chapter 1606 or Chapter 1607. When eligibility for the basic benefit expires, so does eligibility for the Kicker.

Individuals eligible for the Kicker should add the amounts shown to the right to the amounts they would receive for their basic G.I. Bill benefit.

Members of the National Guard and Reserve who did not qualify for the Kicker at the time of their enlistment, may become eligible for the incentive by extending their current enlistment. Kicker eligibility rules tend to vary between the services, so those interested should request information through their chain of command.