Finding a program that's right for you can take time and effort. Here are a few pointers from the Better Business Bureau to guide you in your search.

  • Obtain catalogs or bulletins from several schools that offer the training you are seeking. Is the school accredited by an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education? Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education?
  • Be suspicious if a school guarantees your job placement or makes promises about how much money you will make. An accredited school recognized by the U.S. Department of Education cannot legally make such guarantees. They can, however, provide you with written statistics on past graduates and their jobs, average wage upon graduation, and employers.
  • Visit the school and inspect its facilities. Consider sitting in on a class. Are the facilities and equipment the same as described in the school's brochures and catalogs?
  • As you pursue your approved training, keep in mind cost of living expenses in addition to published costs of tuition, supplies and fees.
  • Know the requirements for and terms of the financial aid program. If you don't understand the terms, ask for an explanation. Get the facts about the institution backing the loans, grants, or work-study programs; how and when funds are dispersed; and how loans are repaid.