Injured workers, attorneys, insurers, and employers can access the following online services for Workers Compensation:
  • Login for existing electronic DIA accounts - This takes the user directly to our CMS login so they can check case status and file forms. This is not available to the general public. The people allowed access are injured workers, attorneys, insurers, and employers.
  • Online payment for First Report of Injury Fines, referral fees, and civilian fines.
  • Request to receive DIA email notices - You can now sign up to get notices of all your proceedings before the Department of Industrial Accidents sent to you via email.
  • Batch claims - The Batch Claims Submission (BCS) process at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is designed to process First Report of Injury (FROI) claims from authorized insurance providers using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols.

To access the services listed above, you must Apply For An Online Account.

This will take a user to an internal link where they can apply for an online account. Only employers, insurers, attorneys, and injured workers may apply to get an internal account. An injured worker can only see their case; attorneys can only see the cases that they are the attorney of record for either party; insurers can only see cases for which they are the insurance adjuster; employers are restricted to filing First Reports of Injury/Illness.