Across the Administration and throughout Labor and Workforce Development there is a strong commitment to civic engagement.

  • Increased residents' awareness of state government services in Western Massachusetts through visits by Department of Labor Directors and Commissioners to businesses, stakeholders, and public forums.
  • Participated in a wide range of Governor's Office civic engagement activities including the Governor's Community Forums, Town Hall Meetings, public hearings and other opportunities to bring government to the residents of the Commonwealth.
  • EOLWD has partnered with Suffolk University to offer a free professional series of career seminars for the unemployed. The attendees are given expert advice from volunteer faculty from leading universities including Suffolk, Boston University, and Harvard Medical School. It is also a forum for open discussion between unemployed citizens and THE Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Attendees offer suggestions for ways to improve the services offered by the 37 One Stop Career Centers, the Division of Unemployment Assistance, and more.

Secretary Goldstein leads the Governor's efforts to surface the underground economy, taking on businesses that exploit workers and unfairly compete against their peers. Under her leadership, working people finally have a voice in State government.

Secretary Goldstein works to insure that Federal stimulus funds are being utilized rapidly and effectively to create employment and training opportunities for unemployed workers. Secretary Goldstein is also working with staff to address the dramatic increase in the number of UI claimants - nearly 1 million workers over the past 3 years - increasing the system's capacity to respond to the demand and working with State and Federal legislators to provide emergency unemployment benefits.

In the workforce development area, for the first time in years, the Commonwealth has a reinvigorated and vibrant workforce development system that pays attention to the needs of the unemployed, employees, and employers. Over 500,000 workers have visited the State's One-Stop Career Centers, and the Rapid Response Team has helped over 55,000 employees in the midst of layoffs.