Goals of the Women in the Workplace Initiative 

  • Advancing women in state government through policy changes and a more conducive working environment for women.
  • Helping the private sector to adopt policies that promote advancement and economic mobility.
  • Establishing Fellowships to train women for leadership positions in public and private sectors.
  • Encouraging public dialogue on issues facing working women.

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2014-2015 Women in the Workplace Fellowship Program

Fifteen exceptionally talented women were inducted into the first class of Women in the Workplace Fellowship Program.  These women are working in specially created leadership and policy-making positions in the Commonwealth's Executive Offices and quasi agencies. 

The Women’s Leadership Fellowship program offers female graduate students who have completed their degree requirements a position with managerial and leadership development activities distinct from other full-time positions. The Fellowship Position is supported by the Executive Office or agency hosting the Fellow and has been developed to provide the Fellow with employment experience in positions that meet the program goals of:

  • Access—Meaningful and regular engagement with senior agency leaders
  • Impact—Ability to work on and influence projects of key strategic importance to the agency’s mission and goals
  • Leadership—A leadership development experience that builds on the graduate’s skill sets

Meet the 2014-2015 Fellows

2014-2015 Women in the Workplace Fellows