Prior to the opening of the polls, the Division agent tries to have the parties agree which clock or watch will be the official timepiece. If no agreement can be reached, the agent selects a clock or watch as the official timepiece. Voters may be permitted to line up in an orderly fashion prior to the opening of the polls. Voters will be reminded to have their identification ready to show to the Division agent. At the appointed time, according to the official timepiece, the agent announces that the polls are open and asks all unauthorized persons to leave.

3.14.1 Late Opening of the Polls

If for some reason, the polls open later than the scheduled polling time, the Division agent notes the time and whether any voters have left the polling area due to the delay. The agent should write statement explaining the reason(s) for the late opening of the polls and have the observers sign it. Unless the parties stipulate in writing, the closing time is not extended because of the late opening of the polls. See Section 3.21.