As voters approach the check off table, the Division agent, NOT THE OBSERVERS, will ask the voter for his or her name and for some identification. The observers are entitled to inspect identifying material if they desire. If there is no question of eligibility, the observers for each party check off the voter's name on their copies of the eligibility list. The Division agent then hands the voter a ballot.

3.16.1 Instructions to the Voter

If the voter is not challenged, the Division agent, NOT THE OBSERVERS, will instruct him/her on voting procedures. Normally this will be a matter of directing the voters to the voting booth, instructing them that they may indicate their preference for any choice on the ballot, and that, after marking their ballot, to fold it and drop it in the ballot box.

3.16.2 Spoiled Ballots

In the event that a voter mismarks his/her ballot, the ballot contains instructions that the ballot should be returned to the Division agent for a new ballot. The Division agent will destroy the "spoiled" ballot in the presence of the observers.