The Division agent will notify the observers a few minutes prior to the close of the polls of the time remaining for voting and that any person in line will have the opportunity to vote. The agent will close the polls early if all eligible voters have cast a ballot and the parties consent in writing. The agent closes the polls by announcing "The polls are closed." A late start for the election will not extend the time for voting, unless the parties stipulate in writing to extend the hours of the election. After the agent has announced the end of the polling time, the agent will:

1. Secure and seal the ballot box in the presence of the observers.

2. Request the observers for all parties to sign the Certification of Conduct of Election.

3. If there are chal­lenged ballots, the agent will attempt to get a written agreement from the parties resolving the challenges prior to opening the ballot box. A party may withdraw any challenge before the ballots are counted.

4. Explain the ballot tabulation procedure.