The Notice of Election informs potential voters of the time, date, and location(s) of the election, the conditions under which it will be conducted, and a description of the bargaining unit. Notices are posted for as long as possible, usually ten (10) days preceding the election, to promote maximum communication of this essential information. Attached to the Notice of Election is a sample ballot showing the question and choice(s). To avoid problems, actual ballots are a different color than the sample. The Division requests that the employer post Notices of Election in the normal and usual places where notices or information for employees are posted.

3.6.1 Amended Notice of Election

In case of an error in a Notice of Election, or a modification in the terms and conditions of the election, if time permits, an amended Notice of Election is drafted and posted. For example, this may occur if one or more parties on the ballot withdraws (See Section 2.5), or there is a modification of the unit description, of the voting hours, or the voting site.